New Zealand Red Rabbits

New Zealand Red rabbits are an American breed in origin, recognized from about 1912. These beautiful rabbits are quite rare and have a distinctive bright and deep mahogany color. The belly is somewhat lighter that is deep cream in color, but never white. The eyes are brown. New Zealand Red's are a medium to large muscular rabbit weighing between 9 and 12 pounds. These rabbits are quite calm, friendly and love to be handled, making them a great pet and companion for children, elderly and people with disabilities. These rabbits are low maintenance and odor free. They do not tend to get sick, or have health problems as often as other breeds. The New Zealand Red rabbits have been known to do quite well at shows.

The New Zealand Red rabbit is an excellent meat rabbit with a high feed to meat ratio. The fur is prized for its color. The doe's can produce up to 15 kits at a time making the New Zealand Red a great choice for economically raising rabbits in a small space for meat, fertilizer and breeding purposes.